October 5th, 2021

Drum roll...


Best Feature Film: Sunflower (directed by Elmira Gilman) - Kazakhstan Best Short Film: The Burning Red (directed by Fabrizio Ancillai) - Italy Best First Film: The Seagull Bar (directed by Quan Wencheng) - China Best Director: Javelina Run (directed by Lisa Belcher) - USA Best Cinematography: 7,62mm (directed by Dariusz Łomako) - Poland Best Editing: Javelina Run (directed by Lisa Belcher) - USA Best Student Film: Telephone Booth (directed by Katie Kuan Ka Kei) - Macao Best Animated Film: Re-Animal (directed by Rubén Garcerá) - Spain Best Drama: Eloise Lou (directed by Marc Baradat) - France Best Horror: Counting Down (directed by Oya Babaoglu) - USA Best Actor: After the Night with Valerie (directed by Alex M. Garnett) - USA Best Actress: Asphyxiate (actress: Michaela Longden, directed by Nicole Pott) - United Kingdom Best Supporting Actress: Father, daughter and old woman (directed by Alfredo Gómez) - Spain


Best Feature FIlm: Hank and Jolene (Derek Shimoda) - USA Best Short Film: A Red Bucket On The Head (书更石) - China Best Cinematography: Allergy (Il bum, Oh) - Republic of Korea Best Animated FIlm: The Laws of the Universe - The Age of Elohim (Isamu Imakake) - Japan Best Drama: My Sweet Treason (Robby Monroe) - USA